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Beauty Secrets from Coffee Grounds

Do you love coffee as much as you value beauty? It may seem odd, but you can actually use the spent grounds as part of your beauty regimen. Don’t throw away the used grounds and make them work for you for a bit longer.

For your Hair

You can use the coffee grounds to exfoliate your hair. After switching to natural shampoo, some people experience hair build-up. The most typical reason for such occurrence is that the scalp and hair are still getting used to being cleaned using true soap instead of faux soap with harsh chemicals. The faux soap has already stripped the hair of its natural oils.

You will need between 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup used grounds to exfoliate your hair. You may need more if you have long hair. You have to thoroughly wet your hair. Get the used grounds and massage them through your hair. You also need to spend sufficient time on your scalp as you massage. You can choose to part your hair in sections and work with one section at a time – doing this should make it easier to ensure that you’ve covered everything.

After massaging, wet your hair once more. Don’t try to rinse off the grounds. Pour some shampoo in your hair and work up a good lather. Rinse your hair. You may need to shampoo again to remove all of the grounds. Finish with your usual conditioner or you can try the apple cider vinegar rinse.

Do this once a month. You will notice that your hair feels light and shiny after doing it once. If you have color-treated hair, it is best to test it on an inconspicuous area before putting the used grounds all over. The used grounds may affect the color of your hair.

For the Skin

The combination of used grounds and sugar has the ability to exfoliate skin effectively. You will feel the smooth and soft sensation as you run your fingers on your skin.

Take note that it is not advisable to combine the used grounds with a sugar scrub. You can use the spent grounds without any added ingredients.

Gently massage the coffee grounds onto the area that you wish to exfoliate. The massaging action also helps stimulate blood flow, which is beneficial to your skin’s health.

Make Under-Eye Puffiness Go Away

Under-eye puffiness and dark circles can be too troublesome to deal with, especially if you need to look your best for a certain event. To solve the problem, apply chilled coffee grounds to the affected area. Leave it on for ten minutes. Rinse well.

The caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties that can miraculously constrict the blood vessels to reduce the swelling in your under-eye.

Soft, Luscious Lips

Chapped lips can destroy your perfect makeup, but you can do something about it. Before you apply matte lipstick and glosses, you need to mix half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of used coffee grounds to make a lip scrub. Gently rub the mixture onto your lips for 30 seconds using circular motion. Wipe your lips using a wet washcloth.

Stay beautiful and vibrant using the used coffee grounds.

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